Designs by Anne Marie

A Wander Out Yonder

A Wander Out Yonder was founded nearly 20 years ago as a nomadic livelihood. Found at the best festivals and gatherings, items include folk art and jewelry found and created both here and over yonder. Anne Marie now mostly works in her Ortiz Mountain studio creating Amarantha Designs, a collection of functional fashion. She recently partnered with Southwest Creations Collaborative, a socially conscious cottage industry sewing operation in Northern New Mexico. Amarantha Designs is proud to support the mission of SCC - to alleviate the poverty of low income women by providing living wage employment, and by providing educational and economic opportunity across generations.

Amarantha Designs and A Wander Out Yonder hope to inspire conscious decision making by providing an option that contributes to the greater good.

Bright Soaps

Bright Soaps is a fine artisan soap company founded in Madrid, New Mexico. Britini Righter, creator of Bright Soaps, has a background in the culinary arts and studied business in California.

She fell in love with New Mexico’s land, people and culture, especially Madrid and the Turquoise Trail. She is now using her trade to develop small batches of cold press soaps, all uniquely developed. Her blends of moisturizing oils and butters are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients that are essential for healthy skin. All products are made from high-grade natural ingredients and are environmental friendly!!

Earth Mama Jewelz

Dream Catchers & Jewlery

Catherine Pruitt


~ Creations of Earth Material ~

I have always loved wearing raw stones... I had to figure out how to wrap them myself, so I did. I now create jewelz from Earth material and love to share them with all. I also, have always loved the dream catcher. When I was little my mother made them for local shops. So one day I asked her to show me how to make them. I learned quickly and made it a point to get them out to my friends with children to help with their dreams, good or bad.  

Catherine Pruitt has been in the Madrid area for 20 years and is now represented by several Madrid shops and galleries. 


Greg Di Maggio

Greg Di Maggio was born and raised in the greater Los Angeles area. Born to an Irish mother and an Italian father, he has a fairly large extended family, and his greatest love as a child was playing baseball. Eventually Greg found himself in Meat Cutting profession, working mostly for grocery stores in Southern California, but he also did a stint in hotels in the Grand Canyon area. Greg moved to Minnesota after that, working there for a few years before returning to California. He and his wife moved to New Mexico in 2003, with the goal of owning their own home (California at this point was becoming quite expensive) and providing room for his dreams, which included having a dog or two. He now has two, along with a cat.

Howlin Dog began as a hobby. Tired of chemical products and low quality options, Howlin Dog began as presents for his friends and family (as he had plenty of time on his hands during the winter months when it was too cold to work on his home outside). Greg’s first adventure was making candles, the rest of his line has evolved from the successes he had with those endeavors. Making Howlin Dog products has now become a full time business, one Greg enjoys immensely. Howlin Dog is fun, creative, and centered on folks having the amazing products they need at prices they can afford. He hopes you enjoy his products as much as he has enjoyed making them.

Julie Guiterrez

Julie Gutierrez is a native of Albuquerque, NM. She grew up with the plant medicine and wisdom of her grandmothers, which led her to the desire to assist others in healing. She is a graduate of the Holistic Life Institute in Oakdale, CA and a Certified Reiki Master. Julie is also a graduate of the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics, a licensed massage therapist and Natural Therapeutics Specialist. In her treatments, she loves to incorporate massage, energy healing, aromatherapy, and Flower Essences. Currently, she is developing a natural beauty product line. Her desire is for all beings to experience vibrant health and happiness.

Kenneth James Wolverton

Kenneth James Wolverton has designed and will be painting a mural on the backside of the loveASrevolution stage! Festivalgoers are welcome to participate!

Kenneth James Wolverton was born in Pueblo, Colorado in 1944. He is an international artist who for 40 years has created Public Art. His artworks are in Europe, the Middle East, Australia, Guatemala, and America. His work has spanned murals, sculptures, performance arts, theater, movie sets and numerous writing and photo publications. He lived in Europe from 1973 to 1986. He now lives with his partner Ruth in Cerrillos, New Mexico.

Photo Courtesy of Star Light

Star Light

Lotions & Potions - Alchemy by Star Light

Tired of fighting with the elements? Make peace with Star Light's Lotions, Sunblock, Zit Zappers, Salt Scrubs, Aphrodisiac Aromas, Lip Balms, Deodorant & Natural Hand Sanitizers. Lotions & Potions provides everything you need to feed and love your body. All 100% botanicals. All luxurious in quality, and beyond your expectations. No dyes, alcohol, toxins, or fillers. Made by an experienced alchemist and compassionate, intelligent intention to heal & strengthen skin.

Star Light Healing

Star Light Ceremony

Star Light has been working with sacred energies since she was a little girl. She is a Pipe Carrier, a Day Keeper, and a Diviner. She works primarily with Goddess, Elementals, and Buddha Essences. She has been studying herbs and Healing with Whole Foods for 20 years, divination for 30 years, and has lead an uncountable number of ceremonies.

She holds her Minister's license, her Theta Healing license, and 3 degrees from University of New Mexico. Graduating with honors in Sovereign & Sustainable Practices, she has developed her skin care line, Lotions & Potions, has run a traveling C.A.L.M. (Center for Alternative Medicine), managed food kitchens such as Food Not Bombs, and has held a CNA (Nurses Assistant Certificate) for a number of years. Star Light works as a Healer because it is her calling - the Answers are Shown to her by the Divine and cannot be forced or attained by the mundane. She works with the magic of Unconditional Love and the impeccable and amazing experiences she has been blessed to receive. At the root, she answers the question that is most burning within you and prescribes the Highest and Best Path. She is flexible and comfortable with working with the Deities/boundaries you hold dearest, has been trained in health, privacy, energy medicines, healing touch, and the unconditional love of the Divine. Allow her open heart to connect you back to your own Divine Path. Most people come to her with a question like "I hurt...what am i supposed to learn from this and how do I resolve it quickly and in the best way?"

Madrid Community Radio - KMRD 96.9

We are a freeform, non-commercial, volunteer-run, low power radio station for and by the Madrid, Cerrillos and 87010 community, in Santa Fe County, New Mexico, USA.

Madrid Community Radio will be broadcasting at: 96.9 FM
and streaming live over the world-wide-web at: WWW.KMRD.FM


Madrid Community Radio

In an historic opportunity for grassroots media, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced last fall that it temporarily would open an application-filing window for non-commercial Low Power FM community radio station licenses. Chosen applicants across the country were awarded licenses to construct new radio stations and occupy previously available frequencies along the FM dial.

The Madrid Cultural Projects 501(c)(3) was awarded our very own LPFM license in February, 2014. Madrid Community Radio, KMRD 96.9 took its first breath after months with our fingers crossed. Now we could build our radio station! With the help of our community we’re in the final stages of build-out and are rapidly approaching our first ON-AIR broadcast.


After months of research, planning, and fundraising, we have finished construction of our on-air studio on Main Street, in Madrid, NM. In October we completed construction of our FM transmission site and radio tower. 

Madrid Veterinary Clinic

Mobile Veterinary Health Care Services

Nancy Hack, B.Sc., D.V.M.
Madrid Veterinary Clinic P. C.
P.O. Box 150 Cerrillos, NM 87010
New Mexico | Veterinarian

I am a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine who provides relief/locum services to Veterinary Clinics.

Clinical management experience includes Veterinarian/medical director for the Santa Fe Animal Shelter. Experience in the practice of Veterinary Medicine includes small animal medicine and surgery. I have practiced relief/locum services in New Mexico, Florida, Utah, United Arab Emirates and Guam. I currently have a license for New Mexico and Florida. In any case, please contact me so you can enjoy your holiday or other engagement and know your practice is in good hands.

I am a highly qualified Doctor of Veterinary Medicine who can travel. I like to network with other Veterinary professionals interested in relief/locum services. Please contact me because I can help with your professional work and life balance.

"Can I Change The World?"This is a story about one man's idea, and how it can change the world 

Bob Fenstermaker

Bob Fenstermaker was born in 1954 and lives in Needless, New Mexico. Most people know it as "Madrid" but either way, it is the central location for the confluence of ideas and consciousness that flow in Fenstermaker's fabulous new book Revolution 222, which is available online FREE at for anyone to read or download.

Bob worked at a major American corporation for over twenty five years. There, he was able to recognize that the politics within that organization were merely replicated on a grand scale in America. He has always had a penchant for writing, and in Revolution 222, he uses his talent well, deftly moving between characters, in a lovely narrative, all the while spinning a gripping and beautiful story we all should read.

Bob is adjusting well to the new dream. He hasn’t a clue as to whether he will ever write another book, but this one had to be written. It was a work in progress since 2004, completed in February of 2012. Always seemingly a step ahead of the times, Bob delivers this work at a time that demands not only a solution, but a method to implement it in a way that can help us transition to a new world.

Revolutionary Eclectic Healing and Beyond (REHAB)

Shamanic System Attunements

Bear & Rainbow train beginning healers who are struggling with drain, sickness, and stressful relationships. The Attract Loving Relationships: Heal and Prevent Psychic Attack for Beginners program, helps those who seek balance, impact, & joy.

Rainbow Heart Freedom Eagle, better known as Rainbow, is a shaman, spiritual advisor, healer, psychic, author, Community Health Education Specialist, professional organizer, and loves making vegetarian cuisine on vegetarian channel. She is a master-teacher of: Reiki, Usui Reiki, Galactic Reiki, Egyptian Reiki, Ixtarian Healing, and Nexus Avatar Healing. She is also is a practicioner of: Yuen Method, qigong, and yoga. Co-Founder of: REHAB Shamanic System Attunements.

Standing Bear Thunder Heart has earned the title, Master Standing Bear from his spiritual teachers. He is a also a shaman, spiritual advisor, healer, psychic, author, and a huge fan of mixed martial arts. He is a master-teacher of: Shamanic Reiki, Usui Reiki, Seichiem-Sekhem Reiki, Galactic Reiki, Dolphin Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, Gold Reiki, Huna Reiki, Golden Triangle Reiki, Egyptian Reiki, Photonic Healing, Star Avatar Multi-dimensional Healing, Star Avatar of the Abyss Multi-dimensional Healing, Shambala Multi-dimensional Healing Level 1, Sacred Ways of the Lakota Elders: Through Wallace Black Elk, Learning Annex.
Co-Founder of: REHAB Shamanic System Attunements

Bear & Rainbow have been featured in Love & Light Center, Cross Roads Cafe, Trading Post Center, Telemagica event, Natural Awakenings Magazine, Spiritside Magazine, various public healing demo’s, and various parties, events, and concerts, Youtube’s “psychic vampire” channel, and other media channels regarding financial freedom, mixed martial arts, healing, and cooking.

Roks & Stiks Creative Art

Dylan and Caleb Pruitt

Dylan (9) and Caleb (7) have been creating rock people for several years now. It started as gifts for family and friends, but folks from all over started wanting these treasures for themselves. 

They create their own ideas with little help from their parents.  Dylan and Caleb have expanded from rock people to now creating cholla wood elves, fur elves and other jewelry.  Come see what other creations they might create!  

Sarah Roer

Sarah Roer

Hailing from the deep desert of the southwest, Sarah has been studying the healing path for many moons. She stumbled upon it by accident, but soon realized her whole life had been guiding her in that direction. Inspired most by the alchemy of spirit, Sarah offers assistance to those needing help with pain, attachment, and recovery. Her goal in life is to help others form a deep bond with the divine (their truest self) and to assist in the great awakening of humankind. She offers spiritual hypnosis, Theta, massage therapy in her practice, and always takes joy in adding more!

Shugarman's Little Chocolate Shop

Organic ingredients and exotic flavors leave you begging for more at this hidden chocolate oasis. 

"Harvey will offer you tastings of the delicious pairings of dark, milk and white chocolate barks, truffles, and Chile and chocolate-dipped fruit! Unique to Shugarman's is the selection of delicious berries, nuts and fruits sold in bulk (if you choose) or delightfully harnessed in chocolate from dark to white. Choices include goji berries, golden raisins, mango and coconut. Harvey uses only organic ingredients and no processed sugars. So, even if you're less of a chocolate fan than many, you'll find something to pique your tastebuds at Shugarman's Little Chocolate Shop." - Santa Fe Selection

Santa Fe Selection

Santa Fe Selection

"I hope Madrid never changes its quirky ways and I hope Shugarman's stays exactly as it is right now, but this shop is truly a destination as much as seeing the Georgia O'Keeffe museum, or skiing in Taos." - TripAdvisor Review 2014.

"Shugarman's is a sweet little chocolate shop located in the heart of Madrid, NM. If you are visiting the Albuquerque/Santa Fe area, Madrid is a short drive but definitely worth the trek. A little town full of extra large treasures.

Harvey is the best chocolatier ever, with a super duper groovy heart of gold! Left with a happy heart, and an amazing bad of extraordinary sweets!" - Yelp Review 2014.