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Meditation with Wendy Ludlow & Dan Hooke

  • The Mine Shaft Tavern Railyard Amphitheatre 2846 Hwy 14 Madrid, NM, 87010 United States (map)

Meditation with Wendy Ludlow & Dan Hooke


Wendy Ludlow has played with music since birth. Her grandfather started music programs in the suburbs of Chicago, and thus, she became a songbird at age 2. Wendy has been a sound healer and spiritual licensed psychotherapist with a specialty in play therapy for 20 years. Having traveled and lived in countries such as India and Guatemala, her vibes on cultural grooves. With a commitment to raising the vibration of the planet through structured experiences which lead to clarity, joy, and magical manifestation - Wendy "Muse" Ludlow utilizes down to earth yet intensely high vibe soul reaching sound impressions and patterning cues. Clear your mind, receive love and joy, and ripple to the planet.

Dan Hooke believes music is created when a community of sound and rhythms work together in harmony. Likewise, when our communities listen and act in harmony, we can better enjoy our day-to-day activities. Finding that harmony is the living mediation, with this, we can gain a practice of listening to better our understanding. When we become better at receiving, we can become better at giving, and life becomes easier to appreciate.